Welcome to It’s Borrowed!

Customized amenities supplied by the host. No expensive concierge or rentals stores necessary to create an amazing experience. Guests can rent packages or individual items like strollers, surfboards and bikes directly from the host.


Rent Item To Your Guests

  • List your items and packages then share your profile with upcoming guests.
  • Respond to rental requests from your guests
  • Arrange the items for your guests when they arrive or bring them by after your guests check-in.
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Rent Item From Your Host

  • Download It's Borrowed from the message or house manual your hosts sent you.
  • Use the app to request items you want to use during your stay from your host.
  • Enjoy your extra amenities with care and leave them in the rental when you depart.
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We flew to Southern California with our infant and toddler for a short beach getaway. Our Airbnb host used It’s Borrowed to supply us with a tandem stroller, beach toys and a crib. It’s a brilliant product.

Mark Rogelstad

Game Night! Occasionally you come across hotels that have some games, our Airbnb had board 15 games and a Wii. We booked the games ahead of time on the It’s Borrowed app. Why isn’t every host using this app?


Andre Rodriguez

Our campsite was functional and cozy thanks to the tent and chairs from It’s
Borrowed. The tent was easy to set-up and take-down and offered perfect warmth.
The borrowing experience was simple. We’re hooked!

Alison Aragon