Renter’s Guide

For Renters

Renter’s Guide

Hi there! Thanks for using It’s Borrowed to bring in some extra cash. We wanted to go over a few things to help you use our service. This guide is for users renting out their items. Here are some of our other guides.

Check out our terms and conditions here.


18 years of age

Valid credit card

Reside in the United States


Items not allowed

• Weapons (Knives, bows, guns, potato guns, stun guns, explosives, etc)
• Single use items (bullets, diapers, disposable good of any kind)
• Living things (People, animals, yeast, etc)
• Items of sexual nature (sex toys, pornographic media or photos)
• Media files (hard copy or digital)
• Food or hygienic items (toothpaste, Deodorant)
• Items that you value over $500
• Anything you or someone else would deem dangerous
• Items you don’t own or have the rights to lend out or sublet.
• Irreplaceable or sentimental items.

With that out of the way, we want you to think outside the box and post requests to borrow any item that makes your life easier!

Have a question about what you can rent out? Need Help?
Contact The Help Desk

How to borrow

  1. Post a “Neighborhood Request” and someone local can answer your request.
  2. When you find the item you want, click “request item” and choose the days you need the item.
  3. It’s Borrowed uses an overnight timeline like a hotel, so if you just need something for one day, you choose to pick up today and return tomorrow. You can always return it early.
  4. After your request has been accepted, arrange the pickup with messaging.
  5. Then meetup to receive the item and Click the “Picked up item” button.
  6. Before the due date arrange for the item to be returned.
  7. Meet with the owner and Click the “Item has been returned” button when you return the item.
That completes the process!


The rental fee will be paid to you via Stripe, minus the It’s Borrowed service fee of 10%. Contact the Help Desk if an item is returned late. Renters will be charged double daily rate plus service fees for late days. Items 5 days or more overdue will be considered lost (see below).

Accidents happen!

In the event that a rented item is damaged, contact the Help Desk with photos of the damage and It’s Borrowed will mediate the cost to replace or fix. If the item is deemed 50% damaged or unusable you the renter, will be charged the replacement value which will go to the owner along with money from the rental, minus the 10% service fee for the rental which will go to It’s Borrowed. Money awarded for replacement and rental will not exceed 110% of the replacement value.