How It Works

What to expect step-by-step

How It Works



  1. Post your items to It’s Borrowed and declare your daily rate and replacement value.
  2. Answer requests from users looking to rent your item. Remember to take photos of your item before you rent it out.
  3. Establish a meeting place and time.
  4. Exchange the item and Click the “Picked up Item Button”. The money from your rental will appear in your app, minus the It’s Borrowed service fee of 10%. Withdraw the money to Paypal.
  5. Arrange a drop off time. Receive your item.  Click the “Item has been returned” button. That’s it! You’re done. Payout goes directly to you via “stripe”.


Posting An Item For Rent

How Is My Item Insured Against Damage/Loss?


  1. Follow the link from your host to find what you’re looking to rent. Remember, you’re renting from nice people, If you lose the item or destroy it, It’s Borrowed will mediate the loss or damage. Your account will be debited to pay for the damage or loss.
  2. Request the item and the items are waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. Click the “Picked up Item  button” Take a photo of the item when you pick it up. Your account is debited for the rental when the owner confirms the rental. Any days that you return the item late will be debited when the item is returned. Overdue days are charged at double the daily rate. Items over 5 days late will be considered lost and your account is debited the replacement value.
  3. The Guest service fee is 10% of the total transaction and added to your transaction. Service fee applies to days late also.
  4. Return the item, Click the “Item has been returned” button and you’re done!

How To Search For An Item

How To Rent, Pickup And Return An Item

How To Post A Neighborhood Request

Accepting An Item Offered On Your Neighborhood Request

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