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Posting Items

Yes, It’s Borrowed allows strangers to rent items to others. Delivery and pickup is up to you.

Use common sense and don’t post dangerous or items of bad taste.

 Items not allowed:


  • Weapons (Knives, guns, potato guns, explosives, etc)
  • Single use items (bullets, diapers, disposable goods)
  • Food or hygienic items (toothpaste, Deodorant)
  • Living things (People, animals, yeast, etc)
  • Media files ( hard copy or digital)
  • Items that you value over $500
  • Anything you or someone else would deem dangerous
  • Items of sexual nature (sex toys, pornographic media)

It is up to you. We recommend being less than local companies offering similar items.

No, You can post items you don’t yet own to It’s Borrowed. When a request comes in for that item you can acquire the items quickly from Offerup, Swap Meet, Play it Again Sports, Amazon or through our It’s Borrowed Store which features Amazon Items perfect for It’s Borrowed.

We currently only allow one image per item.

Category: Posting Items

There is currently no limit to how many items you can post.

Category: Posting Items