If you host Airbnb, read this book review. Optimize Your Airbnb by Daniel V. Rusteen

    Optimize Your Airbnb by Daniel  V. Rusteen      I don’t normally review books but this is a real standout that deserves “5 Boomerangs”, it answered many questions that have been on my mind regarding my Airbnb listing. I will start with this, I pounded through this book in 2 days, it’s very easy to read and engaging the whole whole way through.   Danny’s book kicks off with a forward from the popular Symon He of LearnAirbnb. Danny and Symon became friends while discussing Airbnb insights and tactics. The knowledge shared between these too is epic. If you don’t follow LearnAirbnb you should.   There...

What kind of Pizza is your Short Term Rental?

Do you like pizza? I do love pizza myself. I don’t always get the same kind and many times I try out new toppings and styles that look intriguing. Now you may be wondering what pizza has to do with short term rentals? When I look at STR listings, it’s very much take it or leave it. Some listings have a plethora of amenities that have been added by the owner to draw the guest in. Everything from snow sleds to surfboards, cribs and more can be thrown in. When talking to some hosts that have added the extras, many...

Vacationing with your kids doesn’t have to be a drag!

As a mother of two young children I know firsthand how difficult it can be to get organized and remember to take everything but the kitchen sink with you when you travel to your awesome vacation getaway. I have a two-year-old rambunctious boy and a seven-month-old girl. My husband and I like to travel and we can’t leave the kids at home, so it comes down to packing smarter not harder and staying at a rental that provides a safe-haven (that is fun) for our kids. If you’re the vacationer, you’ll want to pack enough wipes, bottles, baby food (in...
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