Baggage Nanny partners with It’s Borrowed

Baggage Nanny partners with It’s Borrowed

Most of us want to make life easier and Baggage Nanny solves a problem many of our It’s Borrowed customers have faced, including myself.

When I go on or Kayak looking for a flight it always seems like the flight that gets me to my destination at the perfect time to check into my hotel is outrageously priced. I don’t know if the airlines price their flights based on the hotel schedule of check in/check out but it sure seems that way. I then find myself booking a great deal on a flight putting me in at 7:00 a.m. and I am stuck with my luggage until check in at 3:00. The same is true for Airbnb, the previous guest is checking out that morning and the cleaning crew is scurrying to put the place back together for me to enjoy. No place for my bag….

So what do I do with my luggage before check in?? Many hotels will accommodate the storage of your bag until check in but the location of my hotel isn’t necessarily where I want to spend the day. A 30 minute ride to the hotel, then 30 minutes to the beach, then minutes back to the hotel is a drain on my mind, clock and wallet.

Now there is a solution and it’s about time. We discovered Baggage Nanny from one of our It’s Borrowed users here in San Diego. The process is simple, go to their website and arrange a time for them to watch your bag, they come meet you at the airport or anywhere for that matter. Why not the beach? Your bag is labeled and stored all day until you need it dropped off at your current location, airport or hotel. The bags are well taken care of and it’s cheaper than your Uber to the hotel.

The next time you have an 8:00 p.m. flight out of Vegas on a Sunday you will be begging for this service. This means you don’t have to miss that pool party at the Encore Beach Club or be the guy toting a huge piece of luggage poolside.

Baggage Nanny is now available in San Diego and expanding soon. It’s Borrowed has partnered up with Baggage Nanny to make your stay in San Diego amazing.