Simple and easy aren’t the same thing. Guidebooks by Hostfully.

Simple and easy aren’t the same thing. Guidebooks by Hostfully.



It’s Borrowed is always on the lookout for companies that know how to make guests happy. In our pursuit to put the It’s Borrowed app in the hands of the guest, we came across Hostfully. If you are a host and haven’t heard of them yet, you are reading the right article.

By now you probably know how It’s Borrowed works, the host shares their profile with the guest and the guest chooses what extras they want to rent on their stay. This only works if the guest is able to receive the link and Airbnb is not the best platform for sharing links or 3rd party info.


We were introduced to Hostfully by Danny at Optimize My Airbnb and he praised the benefits of using Hostfully so we decided to give it a try. Here is our profileHostfully is two things that I value a lot. It’s easy for the host to configure and it’s simple for the guest to use. You might be thinking that “easy” and “simple” are the same thing but there’s a difference.

Hostfully allows you to create a free account with many amazing features built right in. We got started and while it’s packed with tools, it’s “easy” to build. You don’t need to be an engineer to configure anything, but this is an investment of time. The more time you spend configuring Hostfully, the more time you will save not having to answer the same old guest questions.



For the guest, the experience is simple. Let’s face it, this needs to be simple to prevent that guest from texting you a question. From the guests view, there are two topics, the first being the house manual and how it works. Wifi, pool, laundry and emergency contact info is all front and center. If you have something like a Nest thermostat, simply put a Nest Youtube video in there. The savings in time and money of just explaining the thermostat is worth it alone.


The second value add for the guest is helping them discover the neighborhood. You can create cards for items like bars, attractions and It’s Borrowed. We are partial to helping the guest rent extra amenities through It’s Borrowed and Hostfully has us covered. You can include arrival/departure instructions for your It’s Borrowed gear as well as link to the It’s Borrowed profile should your guest need something they forgot at home. You can even add instructions for inflating the paddle board that the guest rented, it’s absolutely awesome.


Click the above image to see the It’s Borrowed Hostfully Guidebook



It’s Borrowed isn’t the only way to make extra money with Hostfully. You can also add your affiliate codes for rideshare which goes hand and hand with the ability to order pick up and delivery to the airport through Hostfully.


There are some features I would love to see like an integration with It’s Borrowed where default cards are already created and the host only needs to put in their It’s Borrowed pro


file link in and they’re done. I can dream right. I am sure if enough of us bug them, they can build it in.

Bottom line is this. Your guests will love it and you have more time to play catch up with other items since your guests are taken care. We like Hostfully so much that we partnered with them and you get the benefit. By using the code “itsborrowed” you can enjoy 2 Free months of premium service for those of you operating multiple listings and need the elevated Power, Prime or Pro level.

Give them a try for free, you’re going to love it.  Mike

2 Months free using promo code “itsborrowed”