What kind of Pizza is your Short Term Rental?

What kind of Pizza is your Short Term Rental?

Do you like pizza? I do love pizza myself. I don’t always get the same kind and many times I try out new toppings and styles that look intriguing. Now you may be wondering what pizza has to do with short term rentals?

When I look at STR listings, it’s very much take it or leave it. Some listings have a plethora of amenities that have been added by the owner to draw the guest in. Everything from snow sleds to surfboards, cribs and more can be thrown in. When talking to some hosts that have added the extras, many of them have told me that most of the items go unused and the guest wants something that wasn’t supplied…ughhh

This is what made me think of pizza. I thought about going into a pizzeria and seeing only one thing offered on the menu. “Large Combination Pizza!”. Well, I like pepperoni, mushrooms and jalapenos but I will be picking off the onions, olives and the other 11 toppings. Wait, am I paying for the toppings headed for the dumpster?
I don’t like the idea of over paying, so I head down the street to the pizzeria that is making cheese pizzas. The pizza looks good but let’s be honest, I haven’t eaten a cheese pizza since eating one from the grade school lunch line, this won’t do. I ask the proprietor for some toppings and he gives me a list of toppings that I can purchase myself, nearby. Pepperoni, mushrooms and jalapenos within 6 blocks at separate locations but the cost of the items added to the cheese pizza has now added up to more than the combination pizza down the street….The cheese or combination pizza is how I see the current state of short term rentals.

This is why we built “It’s Borrowed”. Hosts run a fine line to keep a listing reasonably priced while making the most profit. On the other side of the equation, Guests want a reasonably priced listing with customized amenities.

Why not let your guests choose exactly what they want and have the items waiting for them at their STR?

Bringing kids? Have a crib, toys, games, stroller and more waiting for your guest at a reasonable cost.

Having a family reunion? How about a karaoke machine, board games, horseshoes and a blender.

You get the drift. Now the guests are smiling ear to ear and have something to write an amazing review about. The cost to the guest is minimal compared to renting items from local shops and the money is going directly to the host’s pocket.

How does an additional $750 per listing monthly, more 5 Star reviews and an increased occupancy rate sound? For more information visit www.itsborrowed.com and download today.
Written by It’s Borrowed.