Best activities for your guests on a rainy vacation day

Best activities for your guests on a rainy vacation day

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From where they will be staying, what they will be eating and which sites they will be seeing, guest can plan every detail of their vacation, but neither of you can’t control the weather. If rainy weather has thrown a wrench in your guest’s plans, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy their vacation and make the most of their time away from home. To help them stay entertained, here are some favorite activities you can suggest to help turn a rainy vacation into a memorable trip:

Visit a Local Museum

Even if you aren’t located in a big city or major travel destination, guests might be surprised to find that there are local museums a short drive from your rental. Travellers can go the conventional route and visit popular art or history museums or they can search out quirky alternatives that are specific to that region. In the U.S. alone, there are museums dedicated to Pez, mustard and barbed wired. You can help point guests towards off-the-map destinations so that they can make new discoveries and stay dry.

Spend Time at a Cafe

Grab a book, find a cafe and settle in next to a window for a few hours. Cozy coffee shops are the perfect place to talk to locals and observe the town. Spending a few hours in a local store can give guests a better feel for the city and help them learn about under the radar sites and events that may not be in your travel guide. Remind them to check out any bulletin boards for flyers and get inside information on what is happening around town. If nothing else, they will be able to relax and enjoy a warm drink.

Go Swimming

Most people wait for nice weather to go for a dip or cool off after laying in the sun, but rainy weather provides the perfect time to go swimming. Whether your rental is near the ocean, a lake or a pool, chances are that there will be minimal crowds and guests can have the place to themselves. If it is already raining, what is the harm in getting a little more wet?

Break out the Board Games

It may have been a while since guests sat down and played a game with their friends and family, which means they might have forgotten how fun it can be. There is nothing like a little friendly competition to bring out the everyone’s personalities and illicit a few laughs. The classics, like Sorry and Monopoly, are always a good go-to, but the world of gaming has expanded quite a bit in recent years. Players have their choice of strategy based games, raunchy card games and role playing adventure games. Once they get caught up in playing, time will fly by and you won’t even notice the weather.

Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere and with good reason: they provide a fun, immersive experience and they are the perfect way to spend a couple hours. Most places will offer a variety of different scenarios, so guests can choose their own adventure and put their problem solving to the test. They will be asked to solve puzzles and find clues so that they can escape before time runs out. If they had fun the first time around, they can try out another room with a whole new set of challenges.

Pamper Yourself

Sometimes, our tendency to schedule every moment carries over into planning for our vacation. This means that many people return from vacation more tired than when they left and end up feeling like they need a vacation from their vacation. Instead of getting upset about rainy weather, guests can view it as an opportunity to relax and pamper themselves? Suggest that they call around to local spas and see if they can schedule a massage or facial. They can also head to the nail salon and indulge in a soothing pedicure. If there aren’t any of those options available, simply taking a long, luxurious bath and allow themselves to soak and relax can be a reward. A rainy day might just be the perfect excuse to slow down and do something nice for themselves.

Have a Movie Marathon

A rainy day is the perfect time to rewatch some old favorites or take the time to catch up on some titles they have been meaning to watch. Guests might even get lucky and find a theater near your rental. A nearby multiplex is a good choice, but be sure to mention any independent theaters nearby. These establishments usually host more obscure films and have beer and wine on the menu.

Check Out a Brewery

Speaking of adult beverages, craft breweries are all the rage, which means there is a good chance there is one nearby. Instead of serving up the usual list of suspects, breweries use local, seasonal ingredients to create unique beers that you won’t experience anywhere else. Guests can order a flight to sample the brewery’s offerings and take the time to learn more about local agriculture. A brewery is also another great place to get friendly with locals and get the inside track on the best places to visit and fun things to do.


A rainy day doesn’t have to spoil a vacation. There are plenty of ways guests can enjoy your rental and their surroundings. No matter what kind of activities they enjoy, with It’s Borrowed, they can always have easy access to sports equipment, games and any other accessories they might need to make their vacation memorable. The app also provides them with the opportunity to save money by renting instead of buying and they won’t have to worry about having to transport all sorts of extras. For property managers like you, It’s Borrowed will help you earn some extra cash with the items you already own and allow you and your guests to be prepared for any sort of weather so that a rainy day is just another day of vacation.