It's So Easy!

Renting items is simple, find what you’re looking for, make a request and arrange pickup and drop off. Lending is just as easy – just post, confirm and meet. The money moves through the app using safe and secure Stripe Payments.

Have Items To Lend?

Not only is it a perfect way to rent tools, sports equipment, and party supplies locally but the it’s borrowed app is a great way to make extra cash from items sitting around the garage or closet.  In three easy steps you can earn extra cash on items you already own.

  • Upload a photo and description of your item
  • Set daily rate and replacement value
  • Respond to rental requests

Need to rent something?

Don’t buy tools for just one project. Stop getting stuck with expensive seasonal gear for that once-a-year family trip. Definitely stop over-packing gear for that road trip!  Now you can rent whatever you need locally, safely & securely with your phone safely and securely through the It’s Borrowed app – Renters Guide.

  • Search items or post neighborhood request
  • Request item
  • Pick-up, use gently, return


Sporting Gear


...many more categories!


We flew to Southern California with our infant and toddler for a short beach getaway. Our Airbnb host used It’s Borrowed to supply us with a tandem stroller, beach toys and a crib. It’s a brilliant product.

Mark Rogelstad

Game Night! Occasionally you come across hotels that have some games, our Airbnb had board 15 games and a Wii. We booked the games ahead of time on the It’s Borrowed app. Why isn’t every host using this app?


Andre Rodriguez

Our campsite was functional and cozy thanks to the tent and chairs from It’s
Borrowed. The tent was easy to set-up and take-down and offered perfect warmth.
The borrowing experience was simple. We’re hooked!

Alison Aragon